Condoms Protect Against Antibiotic-Resistant Infections


5 Excuses for not Wearing Condomssti-rates

  • Condoms taste and smell bad
  • Sex feels better without a condom
  • I have been tested, just trust me.
  • If I get something I will just take some antibiotics.
  • He/she did not ask or he/she did not look like they had anything.

8 Reasons to Wear Condoms: See Chart —>

It may seem like such a drag to have sex with a condom. Excuses like the ones listed above are prevalent. It is easy to not think about the consequences in the heat of the moment but when you’re sitting there in the doctor’s office you most likely will not be feeling good.

What’s even worse is if you are actually diagnosed with something you will regret not protecting yourself and definitely not feeling good.

Some people are willing to take the risk because they know a cure exists; Antibiotics. The problem with this line of thinking is that not everything sexually transmitted diseases is treated with antibiotics and even worse not everyone one has a cure, i.e. HIV/AIDS.

Power of Antibiotics

For the last 7 decades antibiotics have been used to treat individuals that have contacted infectious diseases. These drugs have been effective at reducing illnesses and death from these diseases. However, they must be prescribed and taken correctly to be beneficial.

Antibiotics have been so widely used and for such a long time that the infections they are designed to kill have adapted to them. Some infections have even become immune to certain antibiotics. These drawbacks reduce the effectiveness of antibiotics and thus making treatment more difficult and more expensive.


Antibiotic-Resistantance in Neisseria gonorrhoeae

“Neisseria gonorrhoeae, also known as gonococci (plural), or gonococcus (singular), is a species of Gram-negative coffee bean-shaped diplococci bacteria responsible for the sexually transmitted infection gonorrhea. “

A simpler term is Antibiotic-Resistant Gonorrhea and it is a growing public health concern. Gonorrhea is controlled by an effective antibiotic strategy but since the treatment first started, gonorrhea has progressive developed a resistance to the antibiotics designed to treat it.

Drugs to Treat Gonorrhea

  • Sulfonilamides
  • Penicillin
  • Tetracycline
  • Ciprofloxacin

For all uncomplicated gonococcal infections the Center for Disease Control (CDC) sexually transmitted infection treatment guidelines a dual antibiotic therapy with cephalosporin ceftriaxone and either azithromycin or doxycycline. Dual antibiotic therapy is recommended to address the potential emergence of anti-biotic resistant gonorrhea.


STI Surveillance

No, I am 100% serious. Public health officials feel it is absolutely critical to continuously monitor gonococcal antibiotic resistance and maintain research and development processes to find new regimens of gonorrhea due to the ability of Neisseria gonorrhea to develop antibiotic resistance.

The concern is so high that there is a group that provides surveillance for antibiotic resistant strain in Neisseria gonorrhea called the Gonococcal Isolate Surveillance Project (GISP). The GISP was established in the United States of America in 1986 and they have testing sites across the country. It is that serious.

Resistance is Not Futile

Imagine going to the doctor and getting prescribed antibiotics and then they do not work. It really makes you wonder if unprotected sex is really worth the hassle and/or risks. If it is a drag to use condoms during sex imagine the drag it will be to contract an STI and even worse; a resistant strain of an STI.condom-use-it

Gonorrhea is not usually fatal but it can be fatal if the infection spreads into the bloodstream and is untreated. Gonorrhea has become resistant to most antibiotics and currently only a few types of antibiotics can treat it. If fact the CDC says there is only one drug left. If it becomes resistant to those antibiotics then their will not be a cure available.

Condoms can prevent transmitting or contraction of gonorrhea and most other STI/STDs and thus the antibiotic problem is a mute point. It may not be 100% but 98% protection is better than nothing.

I suppose it is good news that some of the other common sexually transmitted infections such as, syphilis, Chlamydia, and trichomoniasis do not have any resistant strains as of yet but you never know. How does the old adage go? It is better to be safe than sorry.


Human Papillomavirus (HPV)

What is HPV?

HPV imageHPV is the abbreviation for Genital human papillomavirus (HPV) and it is the most common sexually transmitted infection (STI). There are numerous HPV types that a person can be infected with. More than 40 have been discovered and each one can affect both men and women. It is well known that HPV affects the genital areas but it can also affect the mouth and throat. It is also possible to be infected by more than one type of HPV.

HPV is passed through sexual intercourse; anal, oral, and vaginal. HPV can be passed even when no sign or symptoms of HPV exist in either partner. It is quite common for the person with HPV to not know they have been infected and continue you to pass it to other and thus other will pass it to others.

Signs and Symptoms

hpv cervix cancer

As I stated early it common that people with HPV pass it without knowing they have it. This is due to the fact in most cases symptoms and health issues do not develop. The body will fight off HPV in about 2 years 90% of the time.

  • Genital Warts are the most common symptom of HPV infections. However, this happens only in certain HPV types. In rare cases warts can form in the throat; this condition is called recurrent respiratory papillomatosis (RRP). The warts block the airway and make it difficult to breathe.
  • Cancer is another possible health risk of HPV. Certain types of HPV can turn normal cells in the body to abnormal cells. Cervical cancer is the most common type of cancer developed; other, less common cancers include cancer of the vulva, vagina, penis, anus, head, neck, tongue, tonsils, and throat. Cervical cancer usually does not show symptoms until it is at an advanced stage. At this point it is a very serious condition and very hard to treat. Women should be screened regularly for cervical cancer.

HPV Prevention


Vaccines protect against the most common types of HPV. HPV vaccines are administered in 3 doses over 3 months. All 3 doses should be taken to get the best protection.

  • Females: Gardasil vaccine and Cervarix vaccine can protect females against the types of HPV that cause most cervical cancers. Gardasil also protects against most genital warts and been known to protect against anal, vaginal and vulvar cancers.
  • Males: Gardasil vaccine can protect males against most genital warts and anal cancers. Condoms and/ barriers may also lower the risk of HPV infection but to get the best protections all sexual acts need to utilize condoms and barriers from the beginning to end. However, condoms and barriers cannot protect 100% as HPV can affect areas that are not covered by a condom or barrier.

Individuals can lower their risk of getting HPV by limiting their number of sexual partners, although being monogamous would lower the risk even more. One could also choose a partner that does not have a lot of sexual partners.


There is no treatment for HPV, but there are treatments for the symptoms:

  • Visible genital warts can be removed with medications. They can also be treated by a doctor. Warts often disappear over time.
  • Abnormal cervical cells often become normal over time but they can become cancerous if they remain abnormal. These cells can usually be treated to prevent cervical cancer from developing.
  • Cervical cancer is most treatable when it is diagnosed and treated early. Problems found can usually be treated by a doctor. Most women who get screened for cervical cancer regularly can find problems before cancer even develops. hpv-facts1
  • Other HPV-related cancers are also more treatable when diagnosed and treated early.
  • Recurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis can be treated with surgery or medicines. It can sometimes take many treatments or surgeries over a period of years.

Prevention is 100 times better than treatment. However, the only guaranteed, 100% way to prevent HPV is by not having sex (abstinence).


Safer Sex and Sex Toys


Sex Toys in the Bedroom

A lot of couples try to add more spice or thrills when it comes to their sex life by exploring beyond the traditional ways of having sex. Some couples will use sex toys while having sex and most of those couples do not realize that it is possible to contract a sexually transmitted infection (STI) from vibrators, dildos, and other sex toys when they are shared.

How is this possible?

The answer is simple. If the toy comes into contact with the infection then that infection can infect all users of the toy. Body secretions and fluids come in contact with the toys and the bacteria can linger on these toys quite awhile. Another reason these toys should be cleaned thoroughly.

Bacteria has quite a few sources as well:

  • Sores
  • Wounds
  • Semen
  • Mucus
  • Blood
  • Vaginal Fluid


Preventing STI Transmission

Preventing the transmission of STIs is simple as well. The toys are not usually meant to be shared but if you do decide to share them make sure to always clean them before it is used by another person. It may not always be possible but it is always good to think about safer sex, even when pregnancy is not an issue. In rare cases sex toys can cause the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases as well as bacteria. For these reason it is important to keep them clean.

Fresh Condom Technique

Condoms can be used with sex toys to minimize the risk of transmission between partners, since they lessen the amount of bodily fluids that stay on toys. Even if the toy is used with one person condoms are still a good idea if the toys are not regularly cleaned. This simple technique can save you the time, discomfort, and expense of a vernal disease. Even if the toys are not shared; they still need to be cleaned properly. Harmful bacteria can get into the ridges, groove, bumps and under the surfaces of these toys.

Why Toys Should Be Cleaned

Normal cleaning of these items involves soap and water, but there are also specifically sold that are created specifically for the cleaning of these toys. After each session these toys need to be properly washed and dried. The risk for acquiring a sexually infected disease through the use of sex toys is even higher if one of the persons has a sore or wound which is touched by the unsterilized sex toy.

STIs Can be Transmitted Though Sex Toys

I repeated the above fact just to make sure it sinks in. To be fair the risk is low but it is still possible. Chlamydia and genital warts are the 2 most commonly STIs spread through the use of sex toys between partners. Another issue is that both these diseases can be difficult to diagnose early because there are no external symptoms (except discharge) unless you just happen to go see a doctor.

How to Clean your Toys

Most toys can be cleaned with soap and water or a special cleaner. You want to make sure to keep water from coming in contact from motors and/or battery compartments and other crevices. Some toys are made from porous material are much more difficult to keep clean and germ free. Soaking toys in hydrogen peroxide or alcohol is a good way to disinfect them.


Ways to Avoid STIs from Sex Toys:

  • Keeping sex toys clean: wash them after each use and use alcohol
  • Covering sex toys, such as vibrators, with a condom
  • Do not sharing sex toys with your partner
  • Having a different set of sex toys for each partner

STIs From Sex Toys Include:

  • Chlamydia
  • Syphilis
  • Herpes
  • Gonorrhea




Sae Sex

Make Safe Sex Pleasurable and Exciting

Every individual need sex in their lives to fulfill their desires and the actual activity of it can be fun but not everyone enjoy safe sex in a healthy and happy way. If you focus your mind on what’s safe and what’s not, you may not be able to do all the fun things related with sex. In order to make sex pleasurable and exciting, think about the different activities that are enjoyable. These things are like stroking, kissing, licking, massage and cuddling.

When other people asked about what they actually enjoy about sex, they say it’s the emotional, kissing and touching part are the most essential. Everyone should know that not all sex involves penetration but if it does, it is better to practice safe sex strategies.

A good sex involves more than having good techniques. This is a kind of life that passes around beyond the room in everyday of our lives. For some who have difficulty during intercourse due to medical reasons, it is still possible that you can make changes in your lifestyle which will improve your sex life and make you healthier and happier. By making small change in your lifestyle, the compatibility of your mind and body will have an adequate shape for sex. The following are some tips for safe sex that are actually fun and pleasurable.

The art of Masturbation

Masturbation is healthy. It is one of the best strategies to practice safe sex and it has a lot of health benefits. It can also cure certain diseases such as insomnia, anxiety, stress, depression, menstrual cramp, and help boost your immune system. According to a research, it can also be a form of a good exercise because it can burn calories.

Here are the reasons why you have to masturbateArt of Masturbation

  • It feels good – Imaginations can make masturbating fun. Fantasize about having sex with your favorite celebrity star and feel the greatest orgasms of your life.
  • It is 100% safe – In this case, you don’t have to worry about getting sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancies. Unlike the real sex, it is free of cost. You only deal with your own physical feature so you can do all the things you want.
  • It is natural – Masturbation is a natural activity. It will never lead to sexual weakness, infertility, and loss of libido.
  • Improves sexual relationship – It improves sexual relationships not only with yourself but also with your partner. You can explore your own body through masturbation because you will certainly determine what is erotically pleasing and in this case, you can share it with your partners.

Get tested with you partner

Get Tested

Make your partner know that health is very important you and it has nothing to do with mistrust. Advice them to get their selves tested with you and everything about the positive progression of your relationship will stay strong. It is also important that both of you should learn the facts about HIV and STD testing before you and your partner start doing the procedure. Then find a clinic where you can have a discussion about the possible results. No matter what the outcomes, reassure your partner that you will work on that and make the decisions together.



Use condoms and lube

Condoms and lubes are the most popular method of contraception and it has been used for almost 400 years now. It is proven that these techniques are effective to fight against sexually transmitted infections like HIV, AIDS, Chlamydia, gonorrhea, and trichomoniasis. It can also lower the rate of cervical cancer and other HPV related diseases.


Other advantages:

  • The use of condoms reduces the chance of unwanted pregnancies.
  • During oral sex, the good thing of using condoms is made proven that it prevents the transmission of STD like herpes.
  • You have nothing to worry during sexual intercourse and it is one of the advantages of using condoms. Also, you don’t have to worry about taking birth control pills every morning. It can definitely lessen the effort of doing previous routine.
  • It helps in gaining more pleasure during sex. There are different types on condoms and flavors that are available. It is created for providing users with greater satisfaction.
  • Another advantage is that, it is available if variety of shapes. In this case, everyone can use it and find out that is suitable for them.
  • It does not need a prescription in buying it. They are the most accessible as a mean of contraception.
  • It matches for all kinds of sexual intercourse like vaginal and anal intercourse.
  • It does not need to follow a strict regimen unlike the birth control pills. There is no hassle related with the use of condoms. Everyone can use it whenever they want to.


Safe Sex with Expensive London Escorts

safe-sex-with-escortsThe dream to have a dear companion, preferably from the elite class, after a hectic day at a meeting or office is common to corporate men from big cities. This is because they feel that they need someone to calm their tense nerves. What better to do than meet some of the expensive London escorts? These are companions who have the art of conversation, body language, manners and polite fellowship whether at a residence or public place. The question that often faces clients, in London, especially, is whether it is safe to think about safety during a night with one of these girls.

Many analysts in the companionship business acknowledge the fact that expensive London escort girls are highly aware of the risk of unprotected intercourse. This shows that before the man thinks about protection, she will already have had forethoughts about that and taken the necessary steps. Most of the time these mature ladies are flanking gentleman in high-profile events. Therefore, their mission is usually more in the outcall duty than in residential quarters.

Be it as it may, clients should not leave everything to chance. Though the young lady takes all the precautions that her career has taught her, sometimes the unforeseen happens. This is why some men always deliberate about carrying extra protection if need be. They know that even when they are getting the most perfect night of their lives with an intelligent and petite woman, there are still human boundaries between them.

The heartwarming fact about having safe sex with expensive London escorts is that they usually present a clean bill of health to clients. This is why they tend to be dearer to meet than the typical companions who charge less. Before preparing for a meeting with a client, they ensure that they take every measure to have the date as healthy as it can get, even when it is intimate. They are also intelligent enough to request the gentleman himself to provide his view about the necessity of having protection during their intimate hour, in the privacy of the gentleman’s hotel or residence. In other words, the capital of Britain has cosmopolitan ladies who only go out with gentlemen as intelligent as them, who mutually agree on issues pertaining to their health.

Looking at these high class companions from this city, it is hard to believe anything but their powerful presence of health. There are redheads and brunettes who have extremely good features and form. The same case applies to their characters which are engaging and superior in a social setting. It is these characteristics that men from this city look at and acknowledge that having to part with more Pounds from their pockets for meeting them is worth the price. It is also the same reason that makes them to believe that it is safe to be intimate with them. However, as the above descriptions show, it is always fine to talk the issue of protection with the elite date before spending the night together.


Safe Sex at London 2012 Olympics

city-of-london London was selected in July 2005 to host the 2012 Olympics which was held from July 27 to August 12 of this year and the Paralympic games that will be from August 29 to September 9 of the same year. London has actually emceed the Summer Olympics thrice, in 1908, 1948, and 2012 games. In fact, London will again be an emcee in 2017 which is the World Championships in Athletics. Speaking of beautiful places to go to in London, there are so many to mention. Its destination spots are one of the reasons why a lot of people go to London for a visit or vacation, and others even want to work there. Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson is the current London Mayor who was re-elected on the 4th of May, 2012 and therefore, the Mayor of London since 2008. He defeated Ken Livingstone once again. There are like 30,000 mid-market and lower-skilled opportunities in London alone as Mayor Boris Johnson stated.

2012-olympic-logoWith that, it was reported in March of 2008 that health experts feared of increase in prostitution and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases or infections as thousands of workers will come to the 2012 Olympic games. “There will be increased sexual activity at the Olympics and in the run-up. There will be migrant workers, mostly men, separated from their families. Many of them will have unprotected sex. They will go out for casual sex or with sex workers. There is a big potential for increase in poor sexual health, including HIV, chlamydia and gonorrhea. This is an issue where everybody gets embarrassed and they don’t want to talk about it’” stated by Lisa Power, policy director of the Terence Higgins Trust (THT). By that time, a lot of workers are already on the site preparing it. And in the 2012 Olympics, as part of sexual health preparation for safe sex, a record-setting 150,000 unbranded condoms have been handed out to the 17,500 athletes in the London 2012 Olympic village which is approximately 15 condoms per athlete.

In Salt Lake City and Sydney, the Olympic Village Ran Out of Condoms:

olympic-village-condomsDuring the 2000 Summer Games in Sydney, 70,000 condoms that were offered for free to the athletes ran out so fast that 20,000 additional condoms were ordered. Same thing happened in 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City where the Olympic village was stocked with a lot of big bowls of condoms everywhere, but then the supply still ran out. Therefore, the impact of the 2000 Summer Games in Sydney and the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City gave health experts reasons to provide more condoms during the 2012 Olympic games to make sure that everybody will not run out of condoms this time. Does this indicate that there is a lot of sex in the Olympic village? Let’s see what one of the athletes of the 2012 Olympic games said when interviewed about sex in the Olympic village by the ESPN Magazine, “There’s a lot of sex going on. With a once-in-a-lifetime experience, you want to build memories, whether it’s sexual, partying or on the field. I’ve seen people having sex right out in the open. On the grass, between buildings, people are getting down and dirty.” soccer player Hope Solo answered.

Holiday Sex is More Risky Than at Home:

safe-sex“There were a number of articles that suggested that all these foreign workers were going to come in and infect us. We were much more worried about people coming here ad getting Sexually Transmitted Infections or STIs from our population. In any international event, it’s an exchange of risk. Generally, people are more at risk in London than they are in wherever they were before. We’re the STI capital of Europe.” Lisa Power mentioned. She also said “That’s not just the athletes, that’s everybody. There’s plenty of research evidence showing that people on holiday are more risky than they are at home. That’s whether you’re at the Olympics, or in Ibiza, or you would be amazed at the high-risk behavior that takes place at the World Aids Conference.” Sex at home is safer than holiday sex because there are parents who actually allow their children to have sex at home and they provide condoms to their children as a form of contraceptive. Holiday sex is more risky because there is a high possibility exposure of people to Sexually Transmitted Infection (STIs) or Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) and Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) due to acquaintances with different people and having unsafe sexual behavior most of the time especially if a person does not have his or her partner with them. And I’m sure, nobody wants to be embarrassed when you get caught by anyone in the public having sex with someone .

The #1 Olympic Sport That Won’t Get a Gold Medal:

olympic-sex-medal“We made Sebastian Coe blush at a press conference, bless him” Lisa Power stated when talked about sex as the “No. 1 Olympic sport that won’t get a gold medal”. Mark Critchley who used to be the Head of Group Marketing at Durex and is currently the Interim Marketing Director at John West Foods once said “Our brand’s role is clear. Consumers are now more open minded and adventurous, and there’s a growing demand for more information and education. Women are more proactive and expectant… putting greater pressure on men to perform and there’s been a shift in attitudes towards sex toys and retail. Our research shows consumers want us to help with their sexual well-being and normalize the use of products within it. Durex is the brand consumers will trust to deliver this on their behalf.” Others are thinking and asking what will happen to the participants and even the viewers if sex will become an Olympic sport. Some say they will participate if that will happen, others say it will never be an Olympic sport as a lot of people will be against it specially the whole world watches the Olympic games via television with their kids too, some say they will definitely win, and others say that a lot of participants will not win or get a medal because their legs are already tired and their bodies are full of sweat.

Being at the Olympic village was a pretty good experience and a leveler. You get the chance to meet new athletes and the athletes that became your friends with the past Olympic games and eventually, try to hook up with someone. Is it like having sex with escorts in London? Having sex at the Olympics is to be anticipated by everyone. That’s because of the Olympians’ bodies training for several months or so before the actual Olympic games, young people without their overprotective parents with them in the Olympic village, men with the best bodies because of their workouts, and a lot of athlete girls with sexy and hot bodies from swimmers, gymnasts, soccer players, beach volleyball girls, and a lot more. For most, if not all, of the participants at the Olympics, having sex is having fun.


Porn is Safe Sex

Porn seems to be all over the news lately. There is so much talk about how bad and wrong it is for us, how it takes us away from reality of life, how it ruins our personal relationships, and how it may or may not be addictive. Then there is always that fancy doctor from some fancy college that loves to hear themselves’ speak and flaunt his/her degree around adding creditability to these arguments.

I may not have the answers above but one thing I do know about porn is that it is 100% SAFE.

porn_condomsSpeaking of the porn industry; the state of California is close to passing a law requiring porn stars to practice safe sex. The mandate was pushed into action by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation and later was passed into law. This issue has garnered much debate. The performers feel that the law is unconstitutional.

You Know You Watch Porn Also

The irony of this situation is that the voters feel that should wear condoms but then the consumers of porn do not want to buy porn with condoms. Porn is still taboo and it is funny how people will have one face to show in society (anti-porn) and then have another at home (huge porn DVD collection). I am pretty sure some of the same people voting are users of porn but then again I do not have any evidence to back up my claims. I do know that the porn industry is one of the top grossing industries in the world; someone has to be buying it.

Porn Contradicts Safe Sex

This whole debate is to showcase the importance of safe sex. While I do believe in safe sex, I do not wish to see condoms in porn. For me porn is about the fantasy and condoms bring a reality to it that I do not like. However just because I do not watching condoms in porn does not mean when I decide to have sex I will not put on a condom.

Porn is an important tool in “safer sex” practices. It is not dangerous to you at all, unless of course you abuse it. This can be said with any hobby or leisure time activity. It is however dangerous to the performers.

Hi My Name is John Doe, I’m a Porn User

I know I watch a lot of porn and I do it for the simple fact that I was not having sex. I go to work and then come home and watch TV. Porn filled the hole in my life that was caused by not having a girlfriend. I remembered going to video stores and checking out the “new release” rack and being anxious about what was out.

How Do I Choose to Cope?

I am sure there are some people that will judge me or call me desperate. Even suggest I go out and get a girlfriend; to those naysayers I have only one thing to say, “Yes I am desperate, lonely, and I do need a girlfriend. However, I am free to live my life as I see fit as long as I am not causing harm to anyone.

I Am Sexy and I Know It

Every guy is not as attractive as Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt and getting girl friends in this shallow world is not always easy. I know some very attractive guys and they do not always wear condoms. I hear them make excuses like, “She looked like she did not have anything”,” It happened so fast”, or even, “I ran out of condoms but it only happened this one time.” These same guys are the ones with numerous visits to the pharmacy picking up there antibiotic prescriptions. How safe is that?

Porn VS Escorts

Prostitution and Escorts are another outlet but then again it is not safe like watching porn is. Even wearing condoms is not 100% guarantee. It is also a lot more expensive and adds a lot more risks. I can find porn on the internet or numerous stores and although I can find escorts on the internet meeting them is another issue.

Irony of Porn

Porn is a life and death industry; the performers might as well invite HIV into their lives by having numerous sessions of unprotected sex contracting and at times with numerous partners. However, porn serves as safe sex for a lot of individuals that are not having sex at all. Porn is also used by monogamous couples to spice of their sex lives.


Does Condoms in Porn Promote Safe Sex?

Porn is given a bad rap and it may not be something you share with your friends and family it is definitely the taboo, be disowned, cut out of my will type behavior people seem to treat it like. Porn is a fantasy and with any fantasy there is harm if you do not see it from a proper perspective. I do believe in safe sex but I do not believe that forcing porn stars to wear condoms is a good idea. There other people having just as much sex and not wearing condoms. What does it matter if they are shooting a movie or not?


Female Condoms vs Male Condoms

Condoms are the most recommended form of contraception. They provide protection from unwanted pregnancies, STDs and the life-taking AIDS virus. A great number of people are infected with this incurable disease and this number is rapidly mounting. That being said, it is highly recommended that a person take all possible safety measures before engaging in a sexual relationship. Contraceptive methods are long been available and have been reinvented to offer better protection. Despite of availability of many forms of contraception, only two forms have the power to protect people from STDs and its equivalent.

Option #1 Sexual abstinencecondoms

Option #2 Condoms

Aside from these two options, no other contraception can provide protection against STDs and AIDS. In today’s modern and daring world, sexual abstinence is almost impossible for couples. Good thing condoms are available to aid in the prevention of unwanted pregnancies as well as to protect people from acquiring sexually transmitted diseases.

Safe Sex: Responsibility of Both Man and Woman Involved

The use of contraception is a decision that should be made by both parties involved. They must choose what birth control method they want to utilize for safe sex. Women, with variety of methods to use for contraception, hold the burden most of the time. Men have only one available birth control method, condoms. Often times, some men are being uncooperative of safe sex efforts as they find it not satisfying to wear a condom typically seen as an obstruction to reach the cloud nine.

The First Female Condom

On April 26, 1993, FDA (Food and Drug Administration) announced their approval of the first female condom, the Reality. It is the first birth control for women that offers protection from STDs. With the approval comes the condition that the condom’s label will underline that for “highly effective protection” against sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS, it is imperative for men to use latex condoms.


The Reality condom is a lubricated sheath of polyurethane with a flexible ring on each end. One ring is inserted into the vagina and serves like a cervical cap while the other polyurethane ring remains outside, covering the vagina. FDA made the decision to approve the female condom based on a study of clinical data presented by Reality’s manufacturer, Wisconsin Pharmacal of Jackson and the unanimous recommendation of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Devices Advisory Panel at its meeting on December 10, 1992.

The New Version of the Original Female Condom

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Female Health Company’s FC2 (Female Condom) on March 9, 2009. The FC2 is made out of nitrile polymer (a synthetic rubber compound) that allows it to be manufactured at a lower cost compared to FC1. FC2 provides the same protection as FC1 and looks very similar to the first version but is less costly because of introduction of new material and manufacturing process.

An animated video showing how to use the female condom:


How Effective Is It?

The effectiveness of the female condom is estimated to be between 75% and 82%. Failure reasons are the same as those for the male condom:

  • The female condom may have a rip or tear (can be obtained before or during sexual intercourse)
  • It may slip out of the vagina during intercourse
  • Spilling of semen from the condom while taking it out
  • Seldom manufacturing defects

Do Women Like the Female Condom?

In studies over six years among diverse culture and population, many women liked the female condom and would suggest it to others. Few complaints about insertion are reported and some women said that it took them more than one try to get used to placing the condom in. The two most common complaints were not liking the inner ring and the movement of the female condom during intercourse.

How well do Male Partners Like Female Condoms?

According to a 2000 Reproductive Health Research of the World Health Organization (WHO), men have responded favorably to the female condom because it does not interfere with sexual spontaneity. Meanwhile, a study conducted by FHI 360, a nonprofit human development organization, says that women like and accept the female condom more positively than men did.

Advantages of Using Female Condom

  • It can be used during menstruation, pregnancy or even after child birth
  • It is female-controlled, a woman can protect herself from unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases without relying on male condom
  • It offers greater genital area protection than a male condom
  • The female condom can be inserted up to 8 (eight) hours before the intercourse as to not interfere with the love making
  • It is more comfortable to men as there is less decrease in sensation than with a latex condom
  • Female condoms are stronger than male condoms (polyurethane is 40% stronger than latex)



  • Insertion or removal difficulties
  • It may reduce clitoral stimulation resulting to less pleasurable sex
  • Uncomfortable intercourse due to lubrication issues (using provided lubricant may solve problem)
  • The female condom may create noise if not lubricated properly
  • Female condoms are costly compared to male condoms and are not available in as many locations

Where to Buy

Like male condoms, female condoms can be purchased without prescription. You can buy female condoms at drugstores and they are also available at most STDs clinics or family planning centers.

Cost of a Female Condom

A female condom costs about $2-4 but its cost varies from places to places.


The female condom should only be used once. It should not be used by people who are allergic or sensitive to polyurethane or silicon. This device cannot be placed if a woman has a tampon inserted.

It may be used with any other non-barrier form of contraception such as oral contraceptives and spermicidal cream. However, do not use it with male latex condom as friction between the two may cause breakage or displacement.

Who Should Use It

Women who have recently given birth or undergone a termination of pregnancy should use a female condom. It is for contraception and protection from STDs. The female condom can also be used by pregnant or menstruating women. This contraceptive method is safe for women of any age as far as she knows how to use it properly and effectively.

The concept and use of the female condom is still strange or even unknown to most couples worldwide. Perceptions concerning the use of this device may become more positive and favorable as there is an increasing need of protection from STDs. Widely used or not, female condoms, indeed, made a huge difference by providing women the option to protect themselves not just from unwanted pregnancy but also from sexually transmitted diseases.


Is Safe Sex Worth All The Trouble?

There is only one way to be 100% safe from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and unfortunately that is abstinence. If you are sexually active it is a good idea to protect yourself and others from STDs. This can be done by practicing safe sex.

Practice Makes Perfect

Safe Sex Couple
Practicing safe sex will reduce the chances of contracting or spreading STD’s.
Safe sex practices involve using condoms and barriers when having oral, anal, or vaginal intercourse. Some people just do not like to use protection as it can dull the sensation. In a perfect world we would all have just one partner who we know does not have any diseases and no other sexual partners. Unfortunately we do not live in that world.

3 Reasons to consider safe sex:

  1. Ignorance: Some people just ignore the risks and have unprotected sex and never get tested and assume they are fine. They can then pass it to someone else without anyone knowing.
  2. Dishonesty: Some people know they have a disease and will just lie about it for the sole purpose to have sex.
  3. Lackadaisical: Some people just do not care about there health, your health, or just flat out lazy to do something about it.


Safe Sex Does not Feel as Good

Escort Safe Sex
The questions you have to ask yourself is, ” How important is it to get the maximum feeling from sex and is it worth the risks of contracting or spreading STD’s? If you do not wish to protect yourself by using condoms and barriers; you do have an option of practicing “safer sex”. Safer sex practices involve pleasuring your partner without intercourse.

Safer Sex Practices:

  • Masturbation (manual & mutual)
  • Cyber Sex
  • Foreplay
  • Sex play
  • Sex Toys
  • Phone Sex

The problem with these practices is they usually lead to intercourse anyway. So that brings us back to square one; safe sex and condoms. I hate using them also and so many times I just want to make an excuse or trust a person just so I do not have to wear one but when you think about the risk of infection, it just does not seem worth it.

Common Infections Passed from Unprotected Intercourse:

  • Chlamydia
  • Genital warts
  • Gonorrhea
  • Hepatitis B
  • Herpes
  • HIV
  • HPV
  • Syphilis
  • Trichomoniasis

Mythbusters: Oral Sex

One of the biggest myths about sex is that you cannot get a disease from oral sex. However this is just not true. STDs can be transferred from genitals to mouth and vice versa. Most of the infections listed above can be transferred orally.

Economics of Safe Sex

Consider the price of treatment. STDs are usually treated with antibiotics, however antibiotics are not available over the counter and we must be given a prescription. Some might think that condoms cost the same as my co-pay for a prescription for antibiotics but the opportunity costs must be factored in as well.

Going to the doctor is not as easy as going to Wal-Mart to buy some condoms and if you work then most likely you have to time off work to go see the doctor. So if you did take time off work the money lost factors into the price as well as the gas bought to driving to the doctor.

A box of condoms has more value overall as there are usually 10 or more in a box. If you are sexually active you could go to the doctor for treatment and then after treatment get infected again. In this case a return trip to the doctor would be needed, thus increasing the price further.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Safe sex is about peace of mind. If you practice safe sex you may not feel as much pleasure but at least you do not have to worry about contracting a disease while you having sex. I know after a few one-night stands when I went to work the next day I was worried about did I catch something. Of course this is after the fact but it is still something that affected me. At least when I used protection I still get the pleasure of sex but without the stress of wondering “what if”.

And That is the Bottom Line

Unprotected sex; oral, anal, or vaginal can put you at risk of various sexually transmitted diseases and if you choose to perform such activities on your partner, you should be aware of these risks. Safe sex can be pleasurable and fun. Sure it is not “as fun” but at least you are being safe. How fun is it to take antibiotics like they are Tic Tacs anyway?


The Factors Safe Sex Risk Groups

Safe Sex?

Safe SexThere is no such thing as safe sex, but there are ways to make it less unsafe. Men and women both should take the proper precautions while having sexual intercourse and even during oral sex. Although birth control and condoms are NOT 100% effective, it lessens the chance of a woman getting pregnant and lessens the chance of both partners getting infected with sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s.) Most unwanted pregnancies and STD’s occur when two partners are under the influence of alcohol or even drug usage. Alcohol and narcotics have the ability to cloud our minds and can cause people to act differently than we would otherwise. When minds our clouded and partners are in each others presence when under the influence of drugs and alcohol, we as human beings with sexual desires…well we know how it goes from there. But when people act stupidly, consequences usually follow shortly after. Most would think that this only happens with younger teenagers, but it is more common than we would all like to think.

Most Targeted Risk Groups

Safe Sex RiskTeenagers or even adults who consume large amounts of alcohol are more likely to consent to unprotected sex than others whom do not use alcohol. While under the influence and ‘in the moment,’ most will not think twice about using the proper contraceptives to prevent unwanted pregnancies and STD’s. In the end, drugs and alcohol causes minds to be impaired and changes our behaviors so that we do not always make the right choices. Although we cannot preach for everyone to stop having sex while under the influence, we can preach to have safe sex when under the consumption of alcohol or even when we are not.

The Facts

Safe Sex FactsMost STD’s are not life-threatening, but this does not mean that we should take unprotected sex lightly. When using some types of narcotics, needles are used to exert liquids into out body. These needles are often passed around from person to person, which can lead to blood transfers as well. Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, more commonly-known as AIDS can become life threatening. AIDS is transferred through almost all bodily fluids including: semen, saliva, and even blood. This virus is incurable and in most cases may result in death. It does not kill you directly, but will reduce your immunity to other kinds of infections and weaken the body slowly. There are different kinds of risk factors starting from high end to low end.

No-risk safe sex includes

  • masturbation
  • cybersex
  • phone sex
  • sharing fantasies

Low-risk safe sex play

  • kissing
  • fondling
  • body-to-body rubbing or dry humping
  • oral sex with condom
  • playing with sex toys

High risk sex play

  • vaginal intercourse
  • anal intercourse
  • orgies
  • threesomes


Safe Sex Video