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Fleshlight Training for Better Sex

We’ve previously written about sex toys but today we want to focus on one particular one: the Fleshlight.

It’s the most popular male sex toy on the planet and for good reason. It’s patented sleeves provide a realistic feel similar to that of skin, especially when it’s warmed before use.

Each “sleeve”, the skin feel tube that fits into each giant discreet flashlight, contains textures depending on how little or how much stimulation you want. There’s the original texture, which is smooth and feels very similar to a vagina, all the way up to its extreme ribbed textures that feature you sensations you can only imagine.

Fleshlight Lineup

There are several different sleeve options like you see above but the original Lady texture is usually recommended by Fleshlight for “training”, i.e. if you’re training your penis to deal with stimulation and the sensation of being wrapped up inside a warm vagina. Something your hand definitely can’t do.

Its cap also lets you adjust the amount of suction and pushback you feel with every stroke. This can be adjusted from a little to a lot depending on what you want to feel.

There are often directly from Fleshlight that you want to check out before making any purchase.

All in all, the Fleshlight is definitely a must-have male sex toy whether your training to push yourself to the brink or just looking to get off while practicing safe sex.

Remember to always clean the Fleshlight before and after use to extend its life as well as keep any bacteria away.