Condoms, Safe Sex

Is Safe Sex Worth All The Trouble?

There is only one way to be 100% safe from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and unfortunately that is abstinence. If you are sexually active it is a good idea to protect yourself and others from STDs. This can be done by practicing safe sex.

Practice Makes Perfect
Practicing safe sex will reduce the chances of contracting or spreading STD’s.
Safe sex practices involve using condoms and barriers when having oral, anal, or vaginal intercourse. Some people just do not like to use protection as it can dull the sensation. In a perfect world we would all have just one partner who we know does not have any diseases and no other sexual partners. Unfortunately we do not live in that world.

3 Reasons to consider safe sex:

Ignorance: Some people just ignore the risks and have unprotected sex and never get tested and assume they are fine. They can then pass it to someone else without anyone knowing.
Dishonesty: Some people know they have a disease and will just lie about it for the sole purpose to have sex.
Lackadaisical: Some people just do not care about there health, your health, or just flat out lazy to do something about it.

Safe Sex Does Not Feel as Good
The questions you have to ask yourself is, ” How important is it to get the maximum feeling from sex and is it worth the risks of contracting or spreading STD’s? If you do not wish to protect yourself by using condoms and barriers; you do have an option of practicing “safer sex”. Safer sex practices involve pleasuring your partner without intercourse.

Safer Sex Practices:

Masturbation (manual & mutual)
Cyber Sex
Sex play
Sex Toys
Phone Sex
The problem with these practices is they usually lead to intercourse anyway. So that brings us back to square one; safe sex and condoms. I hate using them also and so many times I just want to make an excuse or trust a person just so I do not have to wear one but when you think about the risk of infection, it just does not seem worth it.

Common Infections Passed from Unprotected Intercourse:

Genital warts
Hepatitis B

Mythbusters: Oral Sex
One of the biggest myths about sex is that you cannot get a disease from oral sex. However this is just not true. STDs can be transferred from genitals to mouth and vice versa. Most of the infections listed above can be transferred orally.

Backless womanEconomics of Safe Sex
Consider the price of treatment. STDs are usually treated with antibiotics, however antibiotics are not available over the counter and we must be given a prescription. Some might think that condoms cost the same as my co-pay for a prescription for antibiotics but the opportunity costs must be factored in as well.

Going to the doctor is not as easy as going to Wal-Mart to buy some condoms and if you work then most likely you have to time off work to go see the doctor. So if you did take time off work the money lost factors into the price as well as the gas bought to driving to the doctor.

A box of condoms has more value overall as there are usually 10 or more in a box. If you are sexually active you could go to the doctor for treatment and then after treatment get infected again. In this case a return trip to the doctor would be needed, thus increasing the price further.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy
Safe sex is about peace of mind. If you practice safe sex you may not feel as much pleasure but at least you do not have to worry about contracting a disease while you having sex. I know after a few one-night stands when I went to work the next day I was worried about did I catch something. Of course this is after the fact but it is still something that affected me. At least when I used protection I still get the pleasure of sex but without the stress of wondering “what if”.

And That is the Bottom Line
Unprotected sex; oral, anal, or vaginal can put you at risk of various sexually transmitted diseases and if you choose to perform such activities on your partner, you should be aware of these risks. Safe sex can be pleasurable and fun. Sure it is not “as fun” but at least you are being safe. How fun is it to take antibiotics like they are Tic Tacs anyway?