Masturbation, Safe Sex

Make Safe Sex Pleasurable and Exciting

Every individual needs sex in their lives to fulfill their desires and the actual activity of it can be fun but not everyone enjoy safe sex in a healthy and happy way. If you focus your mind on what’s safe and what’s not, you may not be able to do all the fun things related with sex. In order to make sex pleasurable and exciting, think about the different activities that are enjoyable. These things are like stroking, kissing, licking, massage and cuddling.

When other people asked about what they actually enjoy about sex, they say it’s the emotional, kissing and touching part are the most essential. Everyone should know that not all sex involves penetration but if it does, it is better to practice safe sex strategies.

A good sex involves more than having good techniques. This is a kind of life that passes around beyond the room in everyday of our lives. For some who have difficulty during intercourse due to medical reasons, it is still possible that you can make changes in your lifestyle which will improve your sex life and make you healthier and happier. By making small change in your lifestyle, the compatibility of your mind and body will have an adequate shape for sex. The following are some tips for safe sex that are actually fun and pleasurable.

The art of Masturbation
Masturbation is healthy. It is one of the best strategies to practice safe sex and it has a lot of health benefits. It can also cure certain diseases such as insomnia, anxiety, stress, depression, menstrual cramp, and help boost your immune system. According to a research, it can also be a form of a good exercise because it can burn calories.

Some of the reasons are:
It feels good – Imaginations can make masturbating fun. Fantasize about having sex with your favorite celebrity star and feel the greatest orgasms of your life.
It is 100% safe – In this case, you don’t have to worry about getting sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancies. Unlike the real sex, it is free of cost. You only deal with your own physical feature so you can do all the things you want.
It is natural – Masturbation is a natural activity. It will never lead to sexual weakness, infertility, and loss of libido.
Improves sexual relationship – It improves sexual relationships not only with yourself but also with your partner. You can explore your own body through masturbation because you will certainly determine what is erotically pleasing and in this case, you can share it with your partners.
Get tested with you partner

Make your partner know that health is very important you and it has nothing to do with mistrust. Advice them to get their selves tested with you and everything about the positive progression of your relationship will stay strong. It is also important that both of you should learn the facts about HIV and STD testing before you and your partner start doing the procedure. Then find a clinic where you can have a discussion about the possible results. No matter what the outcomes, reassure your partner that you will work on that and make the decisions together.