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Safe Sex and Sex Toys

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A lot of couples try to add more spice or thrills when it comes to their sex life by exploring beyond the traditional ways of having sex. Some couples will use sex toys while having sex and most of those couples do not realize that it is possible to contract a sexually transmitted infection (STI) from vibrators, dildos, and other sex toys when they are shared.

How is it possible to use sex toys in the bedroom?
The answer is simple. If the toy comes into contact with the infection then that infection can infect all users of the toy. Body secretions and fluids come in contact with the toys and the bacteria can linger on these toys quite awhile. Another reason these toys should be cleaned thoroughly.

Bacteria has quite a few sources as well:
Vaginal Fluid

Preventing STI Transmission
Preventing the transmission of STIs is simple as well. The toys are not usually meant to be shared but if you do decide to share them make sure to always clean them before it is used by another person. It may not always be possible but it is always good to think about safer sex, even when pregnancy is not an issue. In rare cases sex toys can cause the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases as well as bacteria. For these reason it is important to keep them clean.

Fresh Condom Technique
Condoms can be used with sex toys to minimize the risk of transmission between partners, since they lessen the amount of bodily fluids that stay on toys. Even if the toy is used with one person condoms are still a good idea if the toys are not regularly cleaned. This simple technique can save you the time, discomfort, and expense of a vernal disease. Even if the toys are not shared; they still need to be cleaned properly. Harmful bacteria can get into the ridges, groove, bumps and under the surfaces of these toys.

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Why Toys Should Be Cleaned
Normal cleaning of these items involves soap and water, but there are also specifically sold that are created specifically for the cleaning of these toys. After each session these toys need to be properly washed and dried. The risk for acquiring a sexually infected disease through the use of sex toys is even higher if one of the persons has a sore or wound which is touched by the unsterilized sex toy.

STIs Can be Transmitted Though Sex Toys
I repeated the above fact just to make sure it sinks in. To be fair the risk is low but it is still possible. Chlamydia and genital warts are the 2 most commonly STIs spread through the use of sex toys between partners. Another issue is that both these diseases can be difficult to diagnose early because there are no external symptoms (except discharge) unless you just happen to go see a doctor.

How to Clean your Toys
Most toys can be cleaned with soap and water or a special cleaner. You want to make sure to keep water from coming in contact from motors and/or battery compartments and other crevices. Some toys are made from porous material are much more difficult to keep clean and germ free. Soaking toys in hydrogen peroxide or alcohol is a good way to disinfect them.

Ways to Avoid STIs from Sex Toys:
Keeping sex toys clean: wash them after each use and use alcohol
Covering sex toys, such as vibrators, with a condom
Do not sharing sex toys with your partner
Having a different set of sex toys for each partner
STIs From Sex Toys Include:

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