Safe Sex

Safe Sex Risk Groups

There is no such thing as 100% safe sex, but there are ways to make it almost foolproof. Men and women both should take the proper precautions while having sexual intercourse and even during oral sex. Although birth control and condoms are NOT 100% effective, it lessens the chance of a woman getting pregnant and lessens the chance of both partners getting infected with sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s).

Most unwanted pregnancies and STD’s occur when two partners are under the influence of alcohol or even drug usage. Alcohol and narcotics have the ability to cloud our minds and can cause people to act differently than we would otherwise.

When minds our clouded and partners are in each others presence when under the influence of drugs and alcohol, we as human beings with sexual desires…well we know how it goes from there. But when people act stupidly, consequences usually follow shortly after. Most would think that this only happens with younger teenagers, but it is more common than we would all like to think.

Most Targeted Risk Groups
Teenagers or even adults who consume large amounts of alcohol are more likely to consent to unprotected sex than others whom do not use alcohol. While under the influence and ‘in the moment,’ most will not think twice about using the proper contraceptives to prevent unwanted pregnancies and STD’s. In the end, drugs and alcohol causes minds to be impaired and changes our behaviors so that we do not always make the right choices. Although we cannot preach for everyone to stop having sex while under the influence, we can preach to have safe sex when under the consumption of alcohol or even when we are not.

The Facts
Most STD’s are not life-threatening, but this does not mean that we should take unprotected sex lightly. When using some types of narcotics, needles are used to exert liquids into out body. These needles are often passed around from person to person, which can lead to blood transfers as well. Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, more commonly-known as AIDS can become life threatening.

AIDS is transferred through almost all bodily fluids including: semen, saliva, and even blood. This virus is incurable and in most cases may result in death. It does not kill you directly, but will reduce your immunity to other kinds of infections and weaken the body slowly.

There are different kinds of risk factors starting from high end to low end to determine Safe Sex Risk Groups.

No-risk safe sex includes
phone sex
sharing fantasies

Low-risk safe sex play
body-to-body rubbing or dry humping
oral sex with condom
playing with sex toys

High risk sex play
vaginal intercourse
anal intercourse
oral sex